Dulay Seymour help set up Bradford Apprentice Training Agency

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Dulay Seymour help set up Bradford Apprentice Training Agency

A cheerful "Wahay!" heard coming from Billy's office earlier today told us that we'd been successful in winning the pitch to work with the Bradford District Apprentice Training Agency (ATA) on their branding, website and marketing materials.

Our team is especially excited by this new client because we strongly believe in the reasons behind an apprenticeship agency being set up by The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and Bradford College.

There's only so much a person can learn from books or sitting in a class room - we know that because someone once gave us a chance to work in industry and learn first hand (thanks Billy!). However there are many people out there who are full of potential but find themselves in the old "catch 22" trap; it's hard to get a job without experience, but can't get experience without a job. A similar dilemma faces many small businesses; they have ambition for growth but are unable to take on more work because they don't have the staff, but can't invest in training more staff without more custom.

The ATA's goal is to focus on helping small employers within the Bradford District that are not able to commit to taking on an apprentice via usual methods; and provide these businesses with the support and resources they need, to get themselves into a position where they can happily commit to hiring an apprentice. This support includes training the apprentices to match the employers skills requirements.

To help the Apprenticeship Training Agency achieve this, we're going to design and develop a new identity for the agency. We'll be designing a brand for the ATA that represents what they're all about, including developing a supportive strapline. Once we've got the brand, we'll be rolling it out onto print items such as business cards, stationery, leaflets and banner stands. We'll also be designing and building a website with our sister company Webmotion, that will updated daily in-house by the ATA team with new apprenticeship positions using the Content Management System (CMS) we'll be creating for them as well.